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My daughter was diagnosed with T1D Type 1 diabetes 3 years ago, and was on insulin 5 times a day. I started giving her Fruit of Life 3 times a day for 2 years. Fruit of Life helped her pancreas to produce insulin while building her immune system.

Fruit of Life has helped me maintain my weight. I was weighing 190 pounds and couldn’t get rid of the weight. I started taking Fruit of Life 2 years ago, and I noticed that my weight was going down. Now I weigh 170. My doctor mentioned that every time I come for my physical my weight has gotten better for my height. I am maintaining my weight loss. Fruit of life will help you to lose whatever amount of weight you want. Set your goal in whatever area of your life your looking to change and let Fruit of Life help change your life.

Helena, Atlanta GA


Fruit of Life helped with my blood pressure. My A1C was 137 after drinking a capful of Fruit of Life my A1C went down to 127 then within an hour it went down to 117. I have found I am waking up with my energy through the roof.

Melvin Alexander


I love Fruit of Life! It has given me lots of energy as well as helped with arthritis joint pain. I have been waking up in the morning feeling like a 25-year-old!

Shelby Roberts
Kalamazoo MI


My doctor gave me a high 5 because Fruit of Life brought down my blood pressure, A1C and cholesterol. The State required my wife to take a physical exam for her CDL which required a 7.4 A1C to pass. She did it with Fruit of Life and passed!

Mr. Lewis​

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